The journey to a more prosperous, sustainable South East

Transport is at the heart of a better future for the South East. Better for the 7.5m people who live and work here, better for business and better for our planet.

At Transport for the South East, we’ve been working with organisations across the region on a plan to achieve this. We want to tackle issues like congestion, air quality, employment, housing and energy while growing a sustainable economy – together and in a joined-up way.

And now we need your input to help make it happen…

Transport is the only sector whose environmental impact continues to grow while others reduce theirs

The story so far

Why we
need a plan

The South East is a great place to live, work and visit. But if we’re to make sure it continues to be for everyone in the region, we need to do things differently…

Our vision

Where we want to be

By 2050 the South East will be the world’s leading region for sustainable economic growth.

Our mission is to provide a clean, safe, seamless transport system to better connect our lives and our businesses while protecting the environment. That will mean more jobs, more opportunities to trade in the global marketplace and a better quality of life for everyone.

By 2050

£300bn boost to economy

500,000 new jobs

Net-zero carbon emissions

Our big plan

How we’ll get there

The journey to a more prosperous, sustainable South East will rely on working in partnership toward a shared vision, and planning around people – not vehicles. Our strategic priorities set out what we need to achieve along the way.

Better connectivity between our major economic hubs, international gateways (ports, airports and cross-channel rail links) and their markets.

More reliable journeys for people and goods travelling between the South East’s major economic hubs and to and from international gateways. And a transport network that’s more resilient to incidents, extreme weather and the impacts of a changing climate.

A new, collaborative approach to planning that helps our partners across the South East meet future housing, employment and regeneration needs sustainably.

A ‘smart’ transport network using digital technology to manage transport demand, encourage shared transport and make more efficient use of our roads and railways.

A network that promotes active travel and active lifestyles to improve our health and wellbeing.

Improved air quality supported by initiatives to reduce congestion and emissions, and encourage more use of public transport.

Affordable, accessible travel for all, promoting social inclusion and reducing barriers to employment, learning, and social, physical and cultural activities.

A seamlessly integrated transport network with passengers at its heart. Resulting in simpler journey planning, payment and interchanges between different forms of transport.

A safely planned, delivered and operated network, with no fatalities or serious injuries among transport users, workforces or the wider public.

Cutting the South East’s carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050, minimising its contribution to climate change.

Minimising the need to travel, particularly by private car, to reduce the impact of transport on people and the environment.

A transport network that protects and enhances our natural, built and historic environments. One which embraces the principle of ‘biodiversity net-gain’ and consumes less resources and energy.

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Everyone in the South East can play a part in mapping out a better transport network, and a better future, for our region. Your voice counts, so please spare a few minutes to answer some questions about our strategy.

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