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State of the Region Report

This first iteration of the State of Region Report published October 2023. Working in conjunction with consultants, Steer, the report sets out the current position of the south east region, utilising available data in consideration of the strategic objectives of Transport for the South East.

This State of the Region report was developed to show where the region currently is on big, important measures of economy, society and the environment.

The information presented in this report is linked to the aspirations set out in the TfSE Transport Strategy and Strategic Investment Plan. It is focused on understanding how the region is performing against the metrics which those plans are trying to influence.

We will publish an updated State of the Region report every two years to demonstrate how things are changing. In particular we want to see whether the Transport Strategy and Strategic Investment Plan, as well as Local Transport Plans, are supporting the region in the way they were intended to. This 2023 edition is the baseline against which future editions will be compared to understand how the region has changed against the metrics which are important to the TfSE Strategy.

The Baseline…

This State of the Region Report is a baseline where the south east region is on measures such as:

– GVA Growth
– Number of Jobs
– Journey Time Reliability
– Daily Freight Links
– Household Income Spent on Travel
– Disposable Income Vs Inflation
– Accessibility Scores
– Inflation of Bus Fares
– Inflation of Rail Fares
– Number of Road Collisions
– Adult Activity Levels
– Carbon Emissions from Transport
– Households with Three or More Cars
– Delays Due to Weather
and more…