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Our Strategy

Our mission is to grow the south east’s economy by delivering a safe, sustainable, and integrated transport system that makes the south east more productive and competitive, improves the quality of life for all residents, and protects and enhances its natural and built environment.

Our ambition is to transform the quality of transport and door-to-door journeys for the south east’s residents, businesses, and visitors.

A timeline of our strategic publications over the past 5 years.

Major components to our vision

Economic Connectivity Review

At the heart of these goals are our Economic Connectivity Review, Transport Strategy, Area Studies and Strategic Investment Plan.

Our Economic Connectivity Review analyses current and future economic activity in the south east and its connections to major centres beyond the region. The review is the first major component of our Transport Strategy for the region.

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To find out more about the Economic Connectivity Review click here.

To find out more about the Transport Strategy click here.

Transport Strategy

The Transport Strategy was published in summer 2020. It sets out our partnership’s shared vision for a better connected, more prosperous and more sustainable south east.

As part of our commitment to the Transport Strategy, we are due to refresh it every five years, ensuring it remains committed to the priorities of the 16 Local Transport Authorities.

Area Studies

To turn our Transport Strategy from vision to reality, we developed five Area Studies:

– Outer Orbital Study
– Inner Orbital Study
– South Central Radial Study
– South East Radial Study
– South West Radial Study.

These studies were developed in collaboration with partners and stakeholders from the region to determine what the south east’s priority transport schemes, initiatives and policies should be.

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To find out more about the Area Studies click here.

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To find out more about the Strategic Investment Plan click here.

Strategic Investment Plan

The most recent component towards achieving our vision is our Strategic Investment Plan (SIP).

The SIP was developed in collaboration with our 16 Local Transport Authorities and builds upon our Transport Strategy.

The plan is a culmination of the five years of technical work, stakeholder engagement and institutional development. It is supported by a credible, evidence based technical programme.