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Transport Strategy

'Your Voices' Survey

We are undertaking a refresh of our Transport Strategy which was published in 2020.

In April we asked residents, business owners, and commuters of the South East to fill in our ‘Your Voices’ Survey. The survey asked questions about transport-related issues such as accessibility and affordability. It is now closed and the results of the surveys will contribute to  the evidence-base of our refreshed Transport Strategy.

Councillor Keith Glazier, Chair of TfSE, said: “We want to hear the views and experiences of those in the region when it comes to all things transport related. One of our roles is to speak to government about the priorities they should consider when improving transport connectivity locally. To do this effectively, we need to hear from as many people as possible across the south east.” You can also share your experiences regarding congestion, noise pollution, air quality, road safety, public transport, personal safety, and walking and cycling routes.

Watch TfSE’s Chair, Councillor Keith Glazier, and Chief Officer, Rupert Clubb, explain why we are undertaking the Transport Strategy Refresh.

The TfSE Podcast

Listen to an episode of ‘The TfSE Podcast’ that features TfSE’s Engagement Manager, Jaimie McSorley, and our Head of Strategy Mark Valleley, explaining in further detail why we need the views of people across the south east and how those vital views will be in helping to shape the future work of TfSE.

A bold vision for a brighter future

We think that to achieve a flourishing economy you need a bold, future-focused Transport Strategy built around people and the places they live, work and do business. 

The strategy supported the development of our Strategic Investment Plan and is where the journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future for the south east began.

This is our thirty-year Transport Strategy for the south east.

The front cover of the Transport Strategy for the South East with a cartoon scene of a busy town with lots of transport.
Read our Transport Strategy ‘at a glance’
The front cover of the Transport Strategy for the South East with a cartoon scene of a busy town with lots of transport.
Read the full Transport Strategy

A full suite of supporting technical documents can be found here.

£183 billion Gross Value Added (GVA)
474,000 jobs created
Net zero carbon emissions

Where it started

The existing Transport Strategy was published in summer 2020. It set out our partnership’s shared vision for a better connected, more prosperous and more sustainable south east.

Our Economic Connectivity Review was the first major component of our Transport Strategy for the region. To turn our Transport Strategy from vision to reality, we developed five Area Studies:

– Outer Orbital Study
– Inner Orbital Study
– South Central Radial Study
– South East Radial Study
– South West Radial Study.

The most recent component towards achieving our vision is our Strategic Investment Plan (SIP). The SIP was developed in collaboration with our 16 Local Transport Authorities and builds upon our Transport Strategy.

As part of our commitment to the Transport Strategy, we are refreshing it every five years, ensuring it remains committed to the priorities of the 16 Local Transport Authorities.