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Transport strategy


A pathway to a sustainable future

We’re committed to hitting net zero carbon emissions in the South East by 2050 at the latest.

Today, transport is the single biggest contributor to UK carbon emissions.

That needs to change.

Across the South East, our local authority partners are putting in place local transport plans to increase walking and cycling, support the move away from fossil fuels and reshape communities around the needs of people, not vehicles.

Our role as Transport for the South East is to make sure that investment priorities we put forward at a regional level will enable us to achieve our goal of a net zero carbon future by 2050 at the latest.

To do that, we will set out what the pathway to net zero looks like for the South East and how far along it the schemes and initiatives our partners want to see implemented will take us .

Setting out a clear trajectory to net zero carbon means we can assess individual schemes, as well as packages of investment, to work out the contribution they’ll make towards our target.

Mark Valleley, technical lead