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Active Travel

Active travel refers to walking, wheeling (e.g. by wheelchair, mobility scooter, children in a pram), cycling, scooting and horse-riding.

Active travel has an important role to play in helping us to deliver our Transport Strategy’s vision. The benefits of active travel span across the social, environmental, and economic pillars of our Transport Strategy.

Active travel is often the most efficient, affordable, and sustainable way of making shorter trips and is also a key component to enabling multi-modal trips of longer distances.

Currently, however, active travel levels within the south east are low. This is largely due to a lack of high-quality infrastructure and a lack of effective promotion, meaning that people do not see active travel as a safe, attractive, or convenient way to move around.

To maximise the benefits of active travel, an attractive, safe, and integrated network is required and will need to be developed across the region. Learn about how we’re helping achieve this by reading below.

What we are doing

As part of demonstrating our commitment to active travel in the region, we are developing a Regional Active Travel Strategy & Action Plan. The strategy & Action Plan will build an evidence base and further understanding of active travel across the region in order to join up cross boundary schemes, enable greater joint working, share best practice and knowledge, and support cases for funding. This is currently in development with an anticipated completion in summer 2024.

We published our Strategic Active Travel and Micromobility Plan in March 2023, which includes our ambitions for active travel as identified within our Strategic Investment Plan. Our goal is to create a Regional Active Travel Strategy by Summer 2024. As identified within our Active Travel and Micromobility Policy Position, Action 1 is to develop a Regional Active Travel Strategy & Action Plan. This is currently in development with an anticipated completion in summer 2024.

As part of this project, we are producing quarterly newsletters about the Strategy & Action Plan’s progress. Click the links below to view the published newsletters and make sure you’re signed up to our Connections Newsletter to receive future publications.