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Transport strategy

Future mobility strategy and action plan sets out vision for tomorrow's transport

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More help needed for consumers and car industry if 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles is to succeed

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Improving quality of life and enabling economic growth

The South East is a powerful driver of the UK economy and the nation’s major international gateway for people and businesses. Transport for the South East’s ambition is not just to improve but to transform the quality of transport for the South East’s residents, businesses and visitors.

Why the South East needs strategic investment

The South East is already a powerful motor for national prosperity, adding £200 billion a year to the UK economy – more than Scotland and Wales combined. Our transport network is nationally and internationally significant: it takes in the country’s two biggest airports, many of its busiest motorways, a string of major ports and crucial railway links to London, the rest of Britain and to mainland Europe. Pressure on this network means it needs innovation, insight and investment for the South East to continue to flourish.

Our work

7.6 million people in the South East
368,000 businesses
£183 billion gross value added to the UK economy

Where we want to be

By 2050 the South East will be the world’s leading region for sustainable economic growth. Our mission is to provide a clean, safe, seamless transport system to better connect our lives and our businesses while protecting the environment. That will mean more jobs, more opportunities to trade in the global marketplace and a better quality of life for everyone.

£300 billion boost to the economy
500,000 new jobs
Net zero carbon emissions

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