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Planning a better railway

Working in partnership

We work in partnership with Network Rail. Together, we’re committed to creating a better, more accessible and more sustainable transport network in the South East.

A Memorandum of Understanding sets out how our two organisations will work together to achieve common goals including better cross-regional train services, developing schemes to increase network capacity and new journey opportunities, wider use of smart ticketing and an end to diesel trains on the South East’s railways.

Read our Memorandum of Understanding

Together we will

facilitate modal shift to rail

  • Explore options to improve cross-regional services
  • Support development of capacity improvements to cater for forecast growth
  • Promote better rolling stock that meets the needs of all passengers in the South East
  • Work with partners to improve passenger information across transport modes and roll out multi-modal smart ticketing

achieve 2050 net-zero carbon targets

  • Work with rail industry partners to enable removal of diesel traction for passenger rail services in the South East
  • Work with the freight sector to influence the proportion of freight carried by rail and/or lower carbon traction

efficiently align taxpayer-funded resources

  • Integrate strategic analysis, data sources and insight
  • Align area studies and Network Rail modular route studies where possible

work openly and in good faith

  • Support each other’s policies and objectives wherever possible
  • Mutually assist in the development of area studies and Network Rail modular route studies
  • Work closely in terms of data sharing, analysis and policy outcomes
  • Kent, Sussex and Wessex routes will speak with one voice to provide a clarity on Network Rail policy or positions

better integrate transport and land use planning

  • Seek to improve land use planning by collaborating with relevant local, regional and central government organisations involved in determining housing policy and specification of local industrial strategies

Lots of people at a busy platform, walking to the exit after exiting the train.

“I’m really excited about the commitments we’ve made with Transport for the South East as together we strive for a better and more sustainable future for everyone.”

John Halsall, managing director of Network Rail’s Southern region: August 2022