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Autumn Budget 2021 – Our response

Autumn Budget 2021 – Our response

Commenting on the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s autumn Budget announcement, Councillor Keith Glazier, Chair of Transport for the South East said:

“We are pleased to see Government’s commitment to levelling up transport announced in this year’s budget, but the focus can’t just be on city regions. To meet the net-zero commitment and to level-up areas across the South East, investment in transport infrastructure is needed outside of city regions too.

Our transport strategy for the South East envisages a transport network – particularly a local public transport network – that puts the user at the heart of it. One that means people aren’t left cut off from opportunities and essential services, like, education, work and healthcare, purely because they are reliant on public transport.

Our strategic investment plan will identify and prioritise investment opportunities in the South East that will make our strategy reality and mean people in this area won’t be disadvantaged whichever mode of transport they have access to.”

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