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Transport strategy


Our vision for 2050 represents the future we want for our region. But we can’t ignore the unprecedented impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the economy and our day-to-day lives and what it could mean for our future investment priorities.

That’s why, before embarking on our area studies, we carried out an important piece of work looking at a range of potential ‘unlocking’ scenarios and how they could affect employment, business activity and travel patterns here in the South East.

The study uses the South East Economy and Land Use Model (SEELUM) developed for our transport strategy. We also talked to our partners to help get a detailed picture of how our region’s economy – and the millions of people who make it tick – might respond in each scenario.

The results of this work will allow us to test that the schemes and initiatives put forward in our area studies deliver the best outcomes for our region – helping us move towards that vision for 2050 while also supporting economic recovery in the South East and across the UK.

By allowing us to model potential future scenarios related to the easing of lockdown measures, we can test how effective transport investment will be in helping the South East’s economy recover and grow.

Rupert Clubb, lead officer