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Investing in transport to build a better future

Investing in transport to build a better future

Think a better transport system in your area would improve the quality of your life? Would it help your business flourish? Do you feel strongly about the need to reduce carbon emissions caused by transport? Do you want to be a part of the change? Then you need to know who Transport for the South East are.

Transport for the South East (TfSE) brings together local transport authorities from across the South East region, plus local enterprise partnerships, district and borough authorities and many other stakeholders from the worlds of transport, business and the environment to determine the investment needed to transform our region’s transport system and drive economic growth.

We know a better transport network can affect profound change – connecting people with jobs and training, helping businesses reach markets, bringing family and friends closer together. It can unlock new housing and jobs and help cut carbon emissions. That’s why investing in transport is not an end in itself. It is an investment in people, in business, in our environment and our shared future.

We’re dedicated to creating an integrated and sustainable transport system that makes the South East more productive, competitive, protects our natural environment and improves quality of life.

This summer we will consult on our draft strategic investment plan – the blueprint for future investment in strategic transport infrastructure in the south east over the next thirty years and we will want to hear from you on whether you think we’ve got it right!

Find out more about TfSE
On this website you can find out more about us, about our principal decision-making body – the Partnership Board and our Transport Forum which brings together representatives of a wide group of stakeholders including user groups, transport owners and operators, business groups, environmental groups and delivery partners.

Our work
Discover the vast amount of work undertaken to understand; how transport investment can support economic growth, how Covid-19 has impacted our region and our investment plans, what is needed to reach the target of net zero carbon emissions in the South East by 2050 at the latest and how emerging transport technology can transform the way we live, work and travel.

All of this work has supported our area studies to determine the South East’s transport investment priorities that will build on the work of our Transport Strategy and feed into our strategic investment plan.

Read more about our work.