Transport strategy

South East 2050: A blueprint for growth

At the heart of Transport for the South East is our evolving transport strategy for the region – a strategy to transform travel, improve people’s lives, protect the environment and help the economy to grow.

Shaping the future

Our strategy will take us to the year 2050. We know the South East, like the rest of the country, will be vastly different in 30 years’ time. The ways we travel, how we work, live, communicate, consume and spend our leisure time will all be radically different. The purpose of our strategy work is to anticipate and adapt to these changes. We can shape the future with the right investment, technology and insight to guide us.

The size of the prize

Our final strategy, the blueprint for transport in the South East, will be completed later in 2019, but work is already under way on its building blocks. The first of these is our Economic Connectivity Review, published in summer 2018. This is a study of how the South East’s economy works, how it connects to national and international markets and which are the key transport corridors where investment will have the greatest effect. This vital piece of work has already identified that, with the right investment, we can grow the South East’s economy by an additional 50% by 2050 to £500bn.

A strategy for everyone

We’ll be consulting with partners, businesses and residents across the South East once we have drafted the final strategy for our region, giving everyone the chance to help shape the direction of travel. Once this work is complete, the strategy will guide the work of Transport for the South East from the moment it becomes a statutory body, which we hope to be by 2020.

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