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Transport strategy

Joining up transport and land-use planning

A key objective of our partnership is to better integrate the work that’s taking place across the South East needed to create thriving, productive and sustainable communities.

Places where people want to live, work and spend time.

That means thinking in a joined-up way about how we plan and deliver not just housing and transport but also schools, shops, leisure facilities and healthcare. If these key elements aren’t considered together – for example, by building new housing without adequate public transport links or active travel infrastructure – we make it much harder to reach our goal.

In much of our region, responsibility for planning and delivering these different elements is split between different tiers of government. By working more closely together through Transport for the South East, we can help create better, more sustainable places built around the needs of local people and businesses.

ProjectView: Better planning through shared data

To support our work and to help make sure that investment decisions across the South East are based on common and consistent information, we’ve worked with expert transport consultants WSP to create a bespoke interactive data viewing tool called ProjectView.

ProjectView currently contains 300 different data layers, including more than 100 which were developed as part of Transport for the South East’s transport strategy. The data includes a huge range of economic, social and environmental indicators, plus key information such as planned housing developments, local air quality hotspots, journey times and traffic congestion.

It allows local government officers to create and develop bespoke maps of their area using their chosen data layers, enabling them to present easy-to-view supporting evidence for schemes, projects and other initiatives.

Get involved

We’ve worked closely with our local government partners to develop ProjectView and are currently rolling it out to officers through a series of training workshops.

If you work in local government and would like to know more about how ProjectView can help you, please get in touch.