Becoming a statutory body

We want to formalise our role as the voice for strategic transport issues in the South East by becoming a statutory sub-national transport body (STB). Statutory status would give us the ability to directly influence the government’s decisions on transport issues and give us the tools we need to deliver our transport strategy.

We’ve worked with our member authorities to draw up a proposal to government which sets out the case for a statutory STB for the South East. It also includes the statutory powers and responsibilities we want to help us deliver economic growth, improve quality of life and protect and enhance the environment.

The powers and responsibilities would allow Transport for the South East to:

  • Develop and implement a Strategic Investment Plan for the region
  • Act as ‘one voice’ for the South East in agreeing investment priorities with the Secretary of State for Transport
  • Become a statutory partner in road and rail investment decisions
  • Improve bus services for passengers and provide improved alternatives to car travel
  • Coordinate the delivery of region-wide integrated smart ticketing
  • Implement road charging schemes linked to Clean Air Zones to improve quality of life for people in the South East

We submitted our proposal to government in July 2020.

If it’s accepted by the Secretary of State for Transport, a piece of legislation called a ‘statutory instrument’ will be laid before Parliament for the final decision. If this is passed, Transport for the South East would become a statutory body.

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